About MajorStudio

MajorStudio is an indepentent Norwegian record company. MajorStudio is specializing in acoustic music with Norwegian lyrics. Through a close and warm relationship with it's artists, the company brings good Norwegian music products to the audience. This recipe has been maintained since the beginning and has brought success to several Norwegian artists.

MajorStudio started in 1988, by the foundation of TUMA Holding AS. Already in 1990 the company changed it's name to the present — MajorStudio. The reason for the change of name was the the acquisition of Slager Studios, also known as Rosenborg Studios. The studio was located in Majorstua in Oslo. The idea was to release records through MajorSelskapet og maintaining publishing business through MajorForlaget.

The studio was sold in 1999. Since then, MajorStudio has been established as a record company only, and from 2001, even with a division in Toten.

The first record was released in 1991, a rock record with the group Work Funny Hours. Since then, an average of 4 records have been released every year. The catalogue now counts more than 40 albums. Among these you will find several successes, the biggest by Vamp and Eriksen. The two artists have claimed four out of five Spellemanns-awards (the Norwegian Grammy). An impressive total of thirteen of the company's releases has been nominated for The Spellemann-award.

MajorStudio's strategy implies that 2-4 albums will be released on a yearly basis.


MajorStudio's albums are mainly distributed by Musikkoperatørene and Diskos, both a part of a Norweigian independent distribution network.

Susanne Lundeng's albums "Drag" and "Ættesyn" are distributed by Kirkelig Kulturverksted, phone: +47 22 99 34 50.

Musikkoperatørene AS

Web: www.musikkoperatorene.no
E-mail: info@musikkoperatorene.no

MajorStudio is also distributing it's entire catalog electronically in its own online store, built by Phonofile.

Contact information:

  • Toten


    Sillongenveien 129
    2846 Bøverbru

    Phone: 61 19 82 70
    Mobile: +47 926 61335
    Email: jan [AT] majorstudio.no

  • Spania:

    Portico Mar

    App. no 89
    Residencial Portico Mar
    Calle Austria
    03140 Guardamar del Segura
    Phone: 61 19 82 70
    Telefax: +34 96 672 5951
    Mobile: +34 699 500 894
    Email: jan [AT] majorstudio.no

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