Norsk musikk på sitt beste

MajorStudio — Norwegian music at it's best!

MajorStudio is a Norwegian record company. Acousticly based music with Norwegian lyrics is the company's speciality. MajorStudio takes good care of all it's artists, and the label is behind some of the foremost Norwegian releases the last twenty years.

Siste nytt fra MajorStudio

MajorStudio and MajorForlaget

MajorForlaget has as of January 1, 2016, been transfered to Norsk Musikkforlag. You will find the entire repertoire here:

See where you can buy printed sheet music and arrangements.

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Please visit our online store at where you can find downloadable music from artists like Eriksen, Fabel, Aftenlandet, Trio de Janeiro and Haugesund Popensemble.


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